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Mirjam Landa   Producer

Mirjam Landa was born in Cologne, Germany, completed her secondary schooling in Düsseldorf, and in the mid-1990’s graduated in Film and TV Direction at the Film and TV School of the Academy of the Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). Her student films twice won the Award of the Czech Literary Fund.

In 1995, she directed the film, “Zvláštní schopnosti” (“Extraordinary Abilities”), for Czech Television, and one year later Daniel Landa’s musical “Krysař” (“The Rat-catcher”), a recurring theme in her career (she directed “Krysař” five times– after its first staging in Prague, she obtained offers from Bratislava, Prešov, Klagenfurt and recently again from Prague).

Mirjam Landa has also translated the libretto of “Krysař” into German.
She has been credited as Director of numerous video-clips, for example for Daniel Landa, Olympic, Arakain, Alkohol, Petr Janda and Jakub Ali. Her video-clip for one of Daniel Landa’s songs was nominated for the Grammy Award of the Czech Music Academy. She has shot a lot of reportage for HBO and, for over two years, has participated in the production of the “Prásk” programme for TV Nova. She has also directed live broadcasts of the “Prima Jízda” programme for Prima TV. She directed the recording of “An Evening with Karel Kryl’s Songs for the Czech Nation” (“Vecer s písní Karla Kryla pro ceský národ”) for Ceská televize (Czech Television).

Mirjam Landa participated in the art design and organization of the Austrian musical, “Finix”, and directed “The Great Christmas Celebration” for Oskar. She worked as Director of the scenic show, “Rockquiem”, which was held in Obecní dum (The Municipal House) in August 2003. In 2005, she successfully directed the musical drama, “Tajemství” (“The Secret”), in the Kalich Theatre.

She wrote a screenplay for the Malina Foundation, which specialises in road safety and the prevention of motor vehicle accidents, and, over the last three years, she has directed five movies: “Bourá jen blb” – “Only an Idiot Crashes” – targeted at all drivers; “Auto je zbran” – “The Car Is a Weapon” – for driving school graduates; and, for children, “Bezpecná cesta” – “Safe Road”; “Cervený blesk” – “Red Lighting”; and “Soutež” – “Competition”, as well as a series called “Ženy za volantem” (“Women Behind the Steering Wheel”) addressed to female drivers. In 2005, she directed the film, “Pokušení” (“Temptation”), for Secondary School students. In November 2005, she took on the direction of Daniel Landa’s concerts, “Boure (Storm) 2005”. A recording of the concert was released on DVD. She also directed a recording of the performance of “Secret” which was released on DVD in 2007.

Another of her creative feats was the feature movie, “Kvaska” (2006), for which Mirjam Landa wrote the theme music and screenplay, and was the film’s Director and Co-Producer. The premiere of this movie was on 22nd February, 2007.

In the same year, she worked as scriptwriter and Director of the live action show, “Hell with Landa”, for the Internet TV “Stream”.

In 2008, she worked on the production of the musical, “Desire”, which is loosely based on the successful movie, “Kvaska”. Mirjam Landa is the composer of the theme music, scriptwriter, as well as Director of the musical production.
The first night of “Desire” was closely followed by work on the musical, “White Dalmatian” (2009), which is intended for children, but is certainly not boring for adults as well. Mirjam Landa is the scriptwriter and Director of this production. The White Dalmatian had its premiere in the Kalich Theatre on 28th September 2009.
After the completion of their latest musical, Mirjam and Daniel Landa started work on the film script of the black comedy, Touch the Rainbow, which was filmed mostly in Nitra, Slovakia, in May and June 2010. During post-production, the movie was more concisely renamed: TACHO. This movie narrates the fateful encounter of two people and their race of a lifetime. It is packed with fast cars, adrenalin and excitement, as well as plenty of tragicomic situations. Besides the Czech and Slovakian actors, many foreign actors also appear in TACHO. The premiere took place on 2nd December 2010.

Mirjam Landa is married and, with Daniel Landa, is raising three daughters: Anastázie (1998) and twins, Rozálie and Roxana (2003).

1979 – 1988 graduated from a Gymnasium in Düsseldorf
1988 worked as a clapper loader on the TV series „Dobrodružství kriminalistiky“ (Adventures in Criminology), a Czech-German co-production, directed by Antonín Moskalyk
1989 worked as a clapper loader on the children's opera „Brundibár“
admissions exams and the beginning of studies at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU), major: film directing
1990 – 1994 various short movies during her studies
TV film „Zvláštní schopnosti“ (Extraordinary Abilities) for Česká televize (Czech Television) as a graduation project
1994 – 2005 screenplays and directing of various video-clips of musical bands and singers
1995 screenplay and directing of a promotional film for Tabák a.s., Kutná hora
1996 director of the musical „Krysař“ at TA FANTASTIKA theatre in Prague
1998 staged „Krysař“ in Bratislava, Slovakia
1999 staged „Krysař“ in Prešov, Slovakia
2000 staged „Krysař“ in Klagenfurt, Austria
and at the Kalich Theatre in Prague
director of the TV programme „Prima jízda“ on Prima TV
2001 director of the „Prásk“ magazine at TV Nova
2002/2003 screenwriter and producer of „Bourá jen blb“ (60 min, Beta)
2003 director and producer of the show „Rockquiem“
screenwriter and director of „Auto je zbraň“ (60 min, Beta)
2004 screenwriter and director of „Bezpečná cesta“ (30 min, Beta)
screenwriter and director of „Červený blesk“ (30 min, Beta)
screenwriter and director of „Soutěž“ (30 min, Beta)
screenwriter and director of „Večer s písní Karla Kryla pro český národ“ for Czech Television
2005 director of the musical drama „Tajemství“ at the Kalich Theatre in Prague
screenwriter and director of a series of short TV films „Žena za volantem“
director of recordings of Daniel Landa's concerts „Bouře 2005“
2006 screenwriter and director of „Pokušení“ (25 min, Beta)
screenwriter and director of „Kvaska“ (102 min, 35mm)
2007 director of recordings of the musical „Tajemství“
screenwriter and director of the live show „Peklo s Landou“ for the Internet TV channel, 'Stream'
2008 script and direction of musical, “Desire”, in the Kalich Theatre
score and direction of theme tune in the “Very Fragile Relations” (Velmi křehké vztahy) TV series
2009 screenplay and direction of the musical “The White Dalmatian”
2010 film script and direction of the movie “TACHO” (99 min., 35mm)