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Broadway's Original "Rule-Breaker" LIVE ONSTAGE in PRAGUE

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Michael Kluch as "Roger Davis"
  Roger Davis, Company

Michael Kluch was born on 7th May 1986 in Prague, Motol. He was living his first 15 beautiful years without being in touch with music. Not that the music gens weren't in his family at all, quite the opposite – Michael's granddad is the cousin of famous Slovakian singer Miro Žbirka. Still, he was more focused on sport. After his 15th birthday though, he found a new meaning of life namely, music and singing. He stopped playing ice-hockey and already during his high school studies was mingling with music and trying to sing. He sang mostly at home for his own entertainment. But later on also in small bands with uncertain future, to eventually establish the very well-known Czech band QUEENIE - a tribute band to British rock band Queen - in 2006, that he admired ever since.

He had and has many great moments with Queenie, did hundreds of concerts with the band that travelled through almost the entire of Europe and parts of Asia. He met many interesting people, appeared on a couple of TV Shows (most famous for example Czech Republic Got Talent and Polish Got Talent) and enjoys the public's interest generated by that. In the meanwhile he gathered a lot of experience. He built the band on international level reaching the very top and along with that, brought joy and happiness to all their concert visitors. He finished his music education in Musical studio TOWEN, where he finished his studies in singing and still pays visits to this school for voice fitness. 

Currently, he is the lead singer in Czech band Queenie and also has another engagement in the ambitious German Queen Tribute band called Queen 2, from Berlin. While being linked strongly to Freddie Mercury and Queen, his desire is to establish himself as a top singer, not as Freddie Mercury but as himself/Michael.